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Welcome to Reasonable Talk, your source for high-quality video of the best presentations from the brightest minds and most compelling speakers in all of freethought.

At Reasonable Talk, passionate and brilliant thinkers, writers, and activists stand before eager and inquiring audiences to enlighten minds, spark debate, and inspire action.

They join us from a wide variety of fields such as science, journalism, politics, religion, philosophy, and grassroots activism. They come to us as champions of reason, critical thinking, and free expression over dogma, superstition, and misinformation.

They challenge conventional wisdom, bringing science and evidence-based thinking to bear on some of the most controversial, perplexing, and critical issues of our time. These talks go far beyond cheerleading for atheism and skepticism. Reasonable Talk delves deeply into such crucial issues as religious freedom, social justice, science education, public policy and activism, investigations of the paranormal, the dangers of magical thinking and alternative medicine, and the global struggle for free expression and inquiry. And so much more.

Every new season of Reasonable Talk brings a new collection of presentations from those luminaries who have taken the stage at events produced by the Center for Inquiry, the international organization working to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values. Follow Reasonable Talk at http://reasonabletalk.tv for one head-smacking “eureka” moment after another.